The Two Pillars of Dressing Well

Dressing well is similar to an athletic skill that you acquired.  It didn’t just come naturally, rather you had to work on it, practice, and try new things.  Well, very similar to the fashion world, is this motto.  You need to try things out, experience new trends, and work at it to become the well-dressed man you know you can be.

When focusing on mens fashion, there are two things that are major determining factors:

  1. Color
  2. Proportion

Let’s talk Color first:

I for one am completely sold on the color blue when it comes to building a wardrobe. Obviously this is not the only color that I wear, but it is my favorite.  Whether navy, royal blue, or sky blue, I love to wear them all.  309321_721443060671_408568347_n

You need to find your “Go To” color.  There are ways to determine these things.  I for one, have blue eyes and a a darker skin tone, therefore I really like how the color blue matches up to these characteristics.  Maybe you have green eyes, and want to match your clothes to that trait.  Go for it.  What I’m saying, is find a color that truly compliments you regardless of what the reason is.  You will feel confident knowing that this is, “Your color.”  Whether black, red, or blue, find one and roll with it.url


All of us, as humans, are put together and built differently than others.  It is important to recognize your body type and not fight it.  If you are a big, thick boy, wearing ultra slim fitting suits and spread collars may not be your game.  Although I think that ultra slim and spreads are the way to go, if your body can’t cope with it, don’t fight it.  Rather, find your proportional understandings in the fashion world.url

Often, you hear people say that wide shouldered men should only wear wide ties and wide lapels on their suits.  I say fuck that.  Politely of course.  Just because your are big and beefy doesn’t mean you should be restricted to big and beefy ties and lapels.  J Crew makes an exceptional tie.  Not too wide, not too skinny, but right in the middle.  I often refer to them as medium-width ties.  I am sold on them.  Head to your nearest J Crew and check out some of the ties I am talking about.  url-1

People often use clothes to alter the way they are put together.  Whether it’s wearing stripes because you think they make you appear thinner or wearing baggy clothes to avoid people noticing those extra pounds, everyone does it.  You should be smart about it.  I am telling you today, to recognize your body type, and do what you can with it.  If you are unhappy with your body, find time to hit the gym a few times a week.  Allow yourself to experience the fashion trends that your body may not let you (at the moment).


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