Something to Know About Your Belt

Today’s Tip of the Day: When your belt no longer fits you (for good reason) don’t throw it away, be a handyman and make it work.  Punch a hole into your favorite belt before you decide to rid of it and see that it’s life span just went way up. 

Add A Hole To A Belt

I’ve maneuvered this move a few too many times, having lost a lot of muscle weight after college due to a back injury.  Take a sharp, good knife (or a nail and hammer) of some sort and stab it into the belt where you want the hole.  Rather than jamming it through, twist and spin the knife until the tip of it has reached through the leather.  Then, use the belt pin to make the hole as wide as the others.  Loosen her up and you’re all set.

photo-2Here is a belt that I jimmy-rigged and put my own loop into.  Works like a charm.



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