#TipOfTheDay – Rules of the Suit

Today’s Tip of the Day: Unbutton your suit when you sit down and button it back up when you stand up.

Often you’ll see men in Hollywood do this in whichever film or television program you are watching.  “Why?” you ask.  If your suit fits you the way it should, if you go to sit down with it buttoned up, it should bunch up and feel uncomfortably tight.  So rather than sitting with it buttoned up and feeling constrained, do yourself a favor and unbutton it.  url-7

You know those unwritten table etiquette rules, like standing up when a woman stands up or standing up to greet a man when he arrives at the table and wishes to shake your hand.  This unbuttoning and buttoning rule should be considered one of those unwritten rules and should not be simply for your comfort, but also shows class.


5 thoughts on “#TipOfTheDay – Rules of the Suit

  1. I’m a mother of a 4th yr film soohcl student and have, consequently, immersed myself in the fascinating world of film production. As a non-industry just a fan of films’ person, I have grown to appreciate so much more the incredible detail, complexity and talents of people such as yourselves who give us/’the public’ a wonderful cinema experience. My thanks to the bloggers on this site for sharing their hard work, frustrations and just your efforts overall! From an appreciative fan of film

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