Replace Fat with Muscle



As we mentioned in yesterday’s postwhen you decide to workout is up to you.  The determining factor of that article was to send the message that you should work out to your comfort.  Whichever time of day you choose to work out is up to you and should make you feel better.

Today, we’re going to talk about a workout that will help transform that flab to lean and mean.  Working out and burning calories is good for you, regardless of the type of workout.  Whether you focus on weights, cardio, or have a nice mix of both, as long as you are not overdoing anything, the effects should be of value.  Here is our quick pitch of a muscle building, fat ridding workout.

  1. Pull Ups- 3 sets of as many as you can do.
  2. Jumping Jacks- Should remind you of your 5th grade gym class.  Pump out 100 of them in between your pull ups and next set.
  3. Dumbbell bench press- 3 sets of as many as you can do.
  4. Weight Baring Lunges- Take weighted dumbbells and do three sets of 20 lunges across an open area.url
  5. Supportive Curls- As a victim of a bad back, I will always preach that you should have support when doing workouts like curls.  Lean against a ball, a wall, or wear a back brace and bust out 3 sets of curls at your limit.
  6. Cleans (light version)- Take your dumbbells or weight bars and simply have them hang at your waist and then pull up to your chin.  Bust out 3 sets of however many you can.url-8
  7. Jump Squats- Find a box or bench.  Squat down and lunge up onto the box and then back down.  That’s 1.  Pump out 3 sets of 20.
  8. Planks- Fluctuate from regular planks to side planks and make 60 seconds your minimum.  Do three sets of each as long as you can as your last workout/burnout.

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