Why You Don’t Look as Good as You Should

Through life you are going to spot out men that just look sharp and dapper, and then there will be those who just, well… don’t.  What most men fail to realize is how proper fit and tailoring of clothes really makes the world of a difference.  Don’t forget about our article on How To Tailor Your Suit

Seriously though, you should be so aware of the proper fit to your clothing, that when you throw on something old and baggy, it makes feel a bit less confident.  There is demeanor and swagger with a well dressed man.  You aren’t well dressed unless you are well fitted.  So don’t forget to size up, get tailored, where slim fitting clothes, and just overall be aware that you don’t want to look like an old mobster who wears overly large pin striped suits that are as baggy as humanly possible.

English: barry melrose pictured at game 6 of t...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take Barry Melrose for example, or most hockey commentators for that matter.  These guys dress like their still in the 70s, with their mullets, their oversized suits, their bad mustaches, and bad haircuts.  Guys, it’s okay to not fit the retired, hockey guy stereotype: That is mullet, bad clothes, and dip in the mouth.  The fashion world is constantly evolving, so don’t be left behind because you are uncomfortable with change.  Metamorphose yourself, your wardrobe, and in doing such, your style.


Start reading this site daily, check out our pictures, see who we claim as well dressed men and who we deem as duds.  Just remember that a $3,000 suit can still look bad if you aren’t wearing it the right way.  Make your $300 suit stand out more than any other, and follow our guide to styling and fitting.


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