Did You Know?

Did you know that during the last quarter of the twentieth century, men spent more money on their clothes and attire than in any other period of time?Cool Ted

This meant that men’s fashion could finally compete with women’s fashion.  Men are actually starting to give a shit about what they look like.  And they still are!url-13

Men’s fashion sparked in the earlier stages of the twentieth century, but took a turn for the better from the 1950s to 1960s.  During the 50s, your average male businessman wore nothing but his grey suit and tie.  During that time period, if men beatleswore things other than their grey suit, they were frowned upon and looked at as an alien.  Lucky for fashionable men, the sixties were not only a drug-experimental time period, they were a fashion-experimental time period.  Men started to veer away from the classic grey suit and get into other trends.  Looking back on specific trends back then, there are some that will be long forgotten and some that will be worn again as retro style.  However, the point of this tid bit, is that the 60s allowed for men to open up and experiment with their wardrobes, and I say thank you 1960s, hope we can be a good encore.


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