10 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  Remember this is the holiday of love… So whether man or woman, show your love and affection your loved one and have a ball with it.  Take care of each other however you can imagine…url-5

Here are a few ideas for the big V Day:

  1. Plan a sick day- It’s probably too late for this, but take a sick day with your significant other and spend all day in bed eating junk food and watching your favorite shows and movies while playing little love games with each other.url-7
  2. Take her shopping- Women love it, but secretly, men are starting to enjoy it more.  Go for her, but maybe look for you too.url-6
  3. Take her out on a hot date- Whether it’s dinner and a movie or you take her to her favorite place, try and plan something romantic for her.
  4. Make her a nice dinner- If you aren’t going with option 3, woo her with option 4.
  5. Skip deserts at the restaurant and make one at home- Whip up your famous (whatever it is) desert and eat it off of each other!lips copy
  6. Dress Up no matter what you do- If you stay in, or go out, show her you’re trying to look good for her.  Wear your favorite suit, your hot new kicks, and your sexiest underwear.  This goes for both crowds.TieTighten2
  7. Have a uniquely romantic conversation with her- You talk cute and lovey all the time.  Take it to another, serious level.  This doesn’t mean talk marriage, but perhaps share the things that you secretly love about him/her whether they are obvious or weird.
  8. (Weather permitting) Go for a romantic walk- There’s something magical and romantic about being outside and seeing the scenery.  Do it with her and do it right.  It will just feel right.url-8
  9. Put on your best PJs- Whether sexiest, most likely to make her laugh, or whatever, put a little effort into your sleep game!
  10. Sing to her- You’ll probably suck…  You will suck…  But even if you do it for fun, let her hear it!


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