Plaid Tie Striped Shirt

When you type in the words, “Plaid Tie” into a Google search, one of the next searches that comes up automatically is, “Plaid Tie Striped Shirt.”  “Why?” you ask.  Because people are insecure and uncertain if the fashion laws allow one to wear a plaid tie with a striped shirt.  Regardless of whatever rule may have at one time existed or not, be your own judge and wear what you know looks good.

A plaid tie with a striped shirt is a safe combination of style and elegance:

photoThere are many other questions and concerns that people will have about fashion, in most cases they will run to the Internet to make certain they are not looking foolish.  But I say, be a trend setter and wear what you think looks good.  Do such with caution, and check in with us just to be safe, but be brave with what you wear.  Some things will look stupid, yes.  But some things may look great!



One thought on “Plaid Tie Striped Shirt

  1. I am a big fan of the plaid tie with striped shirt combo as long as the size of the patterns go together and doesn’t look too busy. I’m liking the blog so far, lots of great info.

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