Today’s Tip of the Day: Clean out your closet and do a good deed while doing such.

You all know the feeling: You walk into your closet to find your favorite pair of jeans and you either don’t find them due to the cluster of things you never wear, or it takes you 15 minutes longer to find them than it should.  My advice to you today (that I need to do myself), is to go into your closets and dressers and clean out all the old crap you do not wear.  Be careful when doing such, for some old things you own will probably come back into style or may have that “Retro” feel to it at some point.  But then there are those items that you know you just flat out won’t wear again.men-closetGo grab a few garbage bags and fill them up with the old shoes, pants, shirts, jackets, belts, etc that you no longer need, and hear comes the good deed part…  Instead of looking to sell your old clothes for the $13.97 you will probably get for them, bring them in to a Good Will or Thrift store.  Or, you could also give them to a family you know may need them more than you, or to anyone that you will be doing good for.  Be generous, while clearing space for your new gear.



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