#TipOfTheDay – Underwear

Today’s Tip of the Day: Invest in your skivvies.  

You come home to your wife, fiance, girlfriend, or whoever, and you start stripping down from your work clothes into your drawers, and you catch your partner staring at you in disbelief as she sees you’re still wearing your Sponge Bob Square Pants boxers you bought 10 years ago.  Not only are you rocking some Sponge Bob’s, but they seem to fit you like Macaulay Culkin’s father’s bathing suit did in Home Alone 2. Nothing screams sexy about any bit of that.url-2

We all watched the Super Bowl and that means we all saw that over-the-top Calvin Klein comercial with the male underwear model.  Chances are, your physique is not similar to the oiled up, fresh out of the gym, model, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the same underwear as him.  Take a look at Calvin Klein’s lineup of men’s briefs and invest in something similar.  I will not publicize it, but David Beckham models of underwear you should consider as well.  If briefs are uncomfortable for you, wear some proper fitting boxers that aren’t tattooed with your favorite cartoons.  url-3

Here’s the Super Bowl playboy. 


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