When in Doubt, Add Layers

Ever have those mornings when you get dressed, look in the mirror, and are just simply unsatisfied?  We all do.  A quick solution to getting yourself to look a bit more savvy, may be as simple as adding a piece to your wardrobe.

Let’s say you throw on some nice khakis or dress pants, a nice slim fitting button down, and a V-neck sweater.  You are looking in the mirror and just not feeling it.  What to do?  wardrobe 2

  • Try throwing on a suit jacket over the sweater.
  • Throw a scarf around your neck and throw on a pea coat.
  • Put your glasses on.
  • Throw on a tie.

You get the point.  Sometimes the phrase, “Less is more”, isn’t accurate.  In these fashion crisis’ I say more is more.  Chuck on some sort of accessory when you aren’t feeling your fliest.



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