Money Clips, Not Wallets

Did you know that sitting on your wallet can lead to severe back/sciatic pain down the line?  There’s no reason to be carrying around an oversized wallet, Like George Costanza anymore.  Trust me, you don’t need your Olive Garden card, your Men’s Warehouse Card, Your Regal Card, and all other cards and IDs on you at all times.  If you tend to hord these things and feel the need to carry them on you at all times, here is my suggestion: Pick out every item in your wallet that you haven’t used in the last month.  Find a nice dresser or box to put them in.  Put them there.  Now, if you know you’re headed to Subway or somewhere else where one of those cards may be needed, you will be ready.

Switching to a money clip from a wallet is hard to do.  It took me a while.  My brother in-law got me a nice clip as a wedding gift for being one of his groomsmen.  Even then I wasn’t ready to switch.  However, I went for it, and found that my pockets no longer had a bulge looking as if I had a growth on my lower half.  I carry some cash, a few cards, and the clip… Boom.


Not only is it easier on your body and your pants, it is also much more stylish.  I get compliments quite often when I reach out to grab my clip as opposed to my fat wallet.  Make the switch and see how you feel about it.


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