What Your Secret Stash Should Consist Of

Men, it is important to be ready for situations that may come at unexpected moments.  That’s why having a secret stash of these materials ready at your response can be important:

  1. Gum- You could meet your future wife at any moment.  Don’t let those onions you just ate ruin your chances.
  2. url-4Product- Being able to throw a little hair care in at any moment can be important.  Late work meetings and unexpected after-work dinners can leave you feeling and looking unexpected.  Be prepared.
  3. Sanitizer- It’s pretty disgusting the amount of germs that are literally, everywhere we touch.
  4. Hand Lotion- Soften up your hands after a hard day’s work… Or after using your sanitizer.
  5. url-3Deodorant/Cologne- Long day?  You won’t smell good.  I say, carry both, but if your bag is getting clustered, pick one.  Choose wisely.

I say, carry these products in your man bag/backpack/whatever else you bring to work.  Don’t be the smelly, unkept, bad-breathed, bad-haired, rough-handed guy anymore.


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