Today’s Tip of the Day: Match the tightness/tailoring of your clothing.

Let’s say you just got yourself a pair of pants that are tailored perfectly for your body: Nice and slim, not too much break, and just look like they fit you perfectly.  Then you decide to throw on some old button down shirt that’s been in your closet for 5 years and is loose and baggy around the sides, belly, and sleeves.  It looks like shit. If you’re going to wear slim pants, you’d better damn well wear a slim shirt.  Companies like Express and Hugo Boss do a great job providing slim shirts for their trim customers.url

This rule should not go with only dress attire.  Know this:

  1. With slim jeans, wear a slim T shirt or button down.  Don’t go baggy on top.  You will look disproportional.  I see kids who wear, “Skinny jeans” and then forget to wear a skinny shirt.  Don’t do it.
  2. Just be proportional.  Match the fit of your shorts, jeans, sweats, and more so that you look like you know what size clothing you wear.



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