Should the Super Bowl be Played on a Saturday?


Some conversation with my buddies evoked this specific question.  Should the Super Bowl be played on a Saturday?

The most official, unofficial holiday celebrated in America, The Super Bowl is literally the biggest sporting event in the history of television (American).  If you aren’t watching the Super Bowl, or with a crowd of people watching the Super Bowl, I would seriously have to question your social status.

Reasons why the Super Bowl could be considered a holiday:

  1. Almost 112 million people watch it.
  2. 7 million plus people call in sick to work the following Monday
  3. Everyone wants to mimic football like Americans

200310923-001So with these subtle facts, the question comes up, “Should the Super Bowl be played on a Saturday?”  From a “Partier’s” standpoint, yes, it should.  The parties can go longer, harder, and the worry of having to show up to work is nonexistent.  You eat an absorbant amount of unhealthy food, while usually consuming alcohol on top of it all, so having a day to rest after the most celebrated sports game in the world could go a long way.  With the party boy mentality, can also come the question, “Should we have the following Monday off after the Super Bowl?”

The conservative response to why Super Bowl Sunday is just fine, is that:

  1. NFL Football is meant to be played on Sunday
  2. Sunday’s are relaxing and stress free, why not end the night with such a great program?
  3. The Super Bowl is driven by the advertising companies involved.  They want people alert and able to remember their ads.

Think about the millions of dollars these advertisers spend for their product/company to be promoted.  Now think about if their ads were to be viewed by many more drunken and rowdy crowds at more drunken and rowdy locations?  These advertisers don’t want their money to be wasted by those who are in fact that.  The fact that the game is played on a Sunday ensures that more people will attempt to remain relatively sober, so not to feel like death the next day at work, in such, being more attentive and alert during the game.

I like the Super Bowl the way it is, but many people seem to think things need to change.  What do you think?


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