Today’s Tip of the Day: Save the flip flops for the beach.

Flip flops were once worn by men of all ages with shorts, with jeans, with dress pants and with khakis.  I am here to tell you to not attempt that look anymore.  Wearing flip flops out in public isn’t a look the “sophisticated, stylish man” is wearing anymore.url-1

A friend of mine once told me, if you need to pick a fight at a bar, find the guy with flip flops.  This is true.  Think about if a situation arises where self defense, or any other act of action needs to take place.  Would you rather be wearing those outdated flip flops or a pair of your fresh new Sperry‘s?url-2

Replacements for flip flops (that are more casual) include:

  1. Sperrys
  2. Tretorn Nylites
  3. Converse
  4. Boat Shoes

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