It’s Not Just a Chick Thing

Guys, taking care of your appearance has become more of a requirement than you’ll probably want to admit to.  It’s like that one Modern Family episode when Phil and Claire as their gay brother (and brother in-law) to determine whether their daughter Alex’s boyfriend is gay or not.  After hearing the question, Cam and Mitch (the gay brother and his partner) explain that these days it is so much harder to tell because men are actually taking care of themselves by grooming, being hairless, dressing well, and overall taking care of themselves.  The joke of the situation is that as soon as Phil and Claire’s daughter’s boyfriend walks by, Cam and Mitchell immediately clarify him as gay by his walk and appearance.822x

The point of that is that men, today, are more concerned of their physical appearance than they used to be.  Guys aren’t throwing on the sweats and hoodies to head to the grocery store like they used to.  There’s a chance you’ll see people or meet someone, so you throw on jeans, a nice shirt and jacket instead.

My point through all of this, is that taking care of yourself, by grooming, doing your hair, shaving your… body, using skin care products and more, should not be stereotyped as girly or gay.  Sure, when people see you applying eye cream, or anti-aging lotion you may catch some heat, but don’t make it make you insecure.

Here are some pointers on what you could/should be doing that you probably are insecure to do:

  1. 248606_10151360512429432_1151412973_nUse Aftershave– I use a Kiehl’s Facial Fuel creme that can be purchased at Tony Walker’s Body and Beauty Shop at 5110 Main Street, Amherst NY.  It amazes me how many of my friends don’t use it.  Without aftershave your face will look worn and aged.
  2. Wear cologne– Not Much.  Just enough so that when you are in close quarters, it is recognized.
  3. Moisturize– Use a face lotion, daily.  Nothing too fancy pants, but just keep your skin looking young, fresh, and rejuvenated.  Try the newly emerged Bogovia Body and Face Lotions, also available at Tony Walker & Co. 420945_10150671128394432_1541365328_n
  4. Use Product in your hair– Don’t overdo anything, just make sure that if you have hair that needs to be maintained, you make yourself look clean and appropriate.

So remember, skin care, hair care, and dressing well, are not just chick things.  Look good, feel good, and let us help you with it.


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