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There are several ways to perfect your appearance at a bar while, also several ways to make a fool of yourself at a bar.  Today we are going to discuss what to order at a bar that can give you the smooth and sleek appearance you are hoping for.

We’re going to assume that you are not out at a bar that your 14-year-old sister can get in to.  Let’s make it that elegant atmosphere that you go to, to try and pick up a classy woman.  It’s chill, the music is at a moderate level, the crowd is sophisticated and well dressed, and you want to fit right in.  Find a spot at the bar and impress the bartender.

  1. Manhattan– It’s bold, it’s strong it’s dark.  A Manhattan is a safe drink wherever you may be.  The drink is more or less a mix of Vermouth and Whiskey. …

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