Today’s Tip of the Day: Evolve your style.


This can be looked at in several ways, but it is great advice.  You can’t be insecure about trying new things when it comes to personal style.  If you remain to be that conservative, never takes chances, predictable with everything you wear type guy, then you are probably just going through the motions with your style/wardrobe.  Here are a few things you could be doing that you may want to change:

  1. imgres-1Have you had the same haircut for way too long?  If so, grow it out, or chop it down.  Even if you are rocking the business casual look with the top of your hair a bit longer than the bottom, the next time you get a hair cut, change it up.  Have them tighten your sides and bottom with some clippers, or else have them cut it very short with scissors.  Tight on the bottom with some hair on the top is in.
  2. Wear a slim suit- If you’ve been wearing the same suits for years now, go get them tailored up, or possibly buy a new slim cut one.
  3. Ties- Wear a skinny tie or a bow tie to your next party/event if you aren’t already on that train.
  4. Wear your brown shoes when you get the chance.
  5. IMG_6717Throw in a pocket square.  Most men don’t wear them, and I truly don’t know why.  Just do it.

In doing such things you may develop your own style that people may come to admire.


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