Black Can Be… Boring

Listen up men.  Most of you probably like black, because it is simple, it goes with a lot, and you think it looks sharp.  I agree with that.  Black is simple, it goes with a lot, and if you wear it right, it does look sharp.  But there is a difference between wearing that sexy ass black tux and wearing those same old black loafers everyday.  My unwritten rule, is when you have the opportunity to wear brown (or other colors for that matter), do it!


Put on your best navy suit…  Now Put on a nice tie, nice pocket square, and then your black shoes.  Now, swap the black shoes, for a stylish pair of brown ones and see how much more your wardrobe pops!  It makes a difference, trust me.  Wearing colors other than black can seriously make or break your outfit.  I truly want you to start looking further into your shoe collection and bring more browns, tans, and lighter colors into play.  url-9

Plus, like I’ve mentioned before, you can wear brown with black!  Don’t believe me?  Aren’t comfortable with that yet?  One Direction is: url-8


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