Hockey Is Back… And So Is The Fighting!

Being familiar with the Buffalo area, I admit to my fanhood to the Buffalo Sabres.  Some of the players may be a little douchey, but I still admit to being a fan.  That being said, I am thoroughly excited about this coming Sunday, as the Sabres take on the Flyers in Buffalo.  nhl-2013-season-prop-futures-bets-who-are-favorites-capture-hart-trophy-top-goal-scorer-defenseman

I would rather attend a mid-season, meaningless Sabres game, than a postseason Buffalo Bills game.  I am a hockey fan, and if you aren’t you should consider it.  What other sport allows grown men to physically assault one another in a bare knuckle boxing match, mid-game?  What other sport is 100% indoors, assuring yourself that you won’t freeze outside?  What other sport is regularly conceded in less than 3 hours?  It’s great.

The Sabres have brought in enforcer, John Scott, and pest, Steve Ott, that immediately gives Buffalo a more intimidating roster.  They should feel more comfortable in the fact that the big, bruiser teams like the Bruins won’t be able to push them around as easily anymore.  With this updated roster, and with a tougher side to us now, still including enforcer, Cody McCormick, the Sabres are all of a sudden a lot more fun to watch.  I look forward to checking and enjoying a sport that lets men be more physical than they should be allowed to in an organized sport.gaustadvslucic

In case you haven’t noticed, I especially enjoy this sport for the fighting and sheer physicality of it.  It’s reasons like the fighting, that have made my favorite players guys like Andrew Peters (you’re missed) and Cody McCormick, rather than guys like Sidney Crosby. Knowing that at any moment, these dudes can handle their problems like men on the ice is just exciting.  Someone says Ryan Miller’s wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios?  No problem.  No need to sette this in the parking lot.  Let’s settle it right on the ice, right as the puck drops.  Ah, I love it!

I hope you hockey fans are as excited as I am for this upcoming season.  Although it will be a trimmed down season, it still should be one to look forward to.  I am particularly excited for the first couple Bruins/Sabres meetings.  John Scott vs Shawn Thornton anyone?  Maybe Milan Lucic?  This is what Scott is bringing to the table:

I am very big on player safety, and aware of the concussion issues, and hope these big fighters don’t forget that.  It’s tragic to hear of some of the issues that come from head injuries and I hope they can be figured out.  Fighting certainly doesn’t help.  It excites me more than anything in the game, but I just truly hope these players aren’t hurting themselves in the long term.


2 thoughts on “Hockey Is Back… And So Is The Fighting!

  1. This blog sounds like its written by a third grader. And the opening sentence “being familiar with Buffalo…” lends to the facade you portray; that you are a little too pretentious. Didn’t you grow up in Buffalo ?

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