Today’s Tip of the Day focuses on a man’s cuff of his shirt:  Here are some tips you should be aware of for cuff links:Cuffs2

  1. A man’s cuffs should extend about a half inch from the sleeves of his jacket.
  2. Some people believe your cuff links should remain hidden under your jacket unless you are extending a handshake.  I am not one of those people.  Why wear cuffs if people can’t see them.  Show em’ off and pull your sleeves down a little more than a half inch at those times.
  3. There are roughly four types of cuffs on button down shirts:
  • Barrel cuff: The most standard of cuffs which normally has two buttons at the cuff and one hole for the button (for tightness of sleeve).
  • A french cuff tied with a silk knot.

    A french cuff tied with a silk knot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    French Cuff: A cuff that has a double fold fabric and needs cuff links to fasten the cuffs together.

  • Oxford Cloth: Cotton fabric woven into the cuff.  Often seen in casual dress shirts.
  • Pinpoint Oxford: Used most often on very formal shirts, a light thread, tightly-woven, with smooth, cotton fabric.

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