The Phrase Women Say, That Drives You Nuts

Hopefully your girlfriend/wife isn’t the one saying it…  I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, in that high pitched, super-annoyed voice that some women just love to give off.  Ready for it?  That oh so annoying phrase is: “Are you fucking kidding me?!”  Now that I’ve typed it and you’ve read it, think back on all the times that you’ve heard a woman say it, all upset and uptight probably in some unnecessary manner.  It’s like nails on a chalkboard, seriously.  Check out the chick who gets three drops of beer on her in this clip.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-24018-1358192992-6There it was!  Just as annoying as you would imagine.  The guy who just bought the $13 dollar beer and got the majority of it spilled on him, stands there with a smile on his face, while the girl who legit got a small splash on her is on her way to dropping the ever-so-dreaded, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Now, I don’t want women to think I’m taking shots at them, because I’m not.  Not as a population.  Buuuut, if you love to use this line unnecessarily, then you bet your bottom dollar I am.  I’m sure there are lines that men like to abuse, so I wouldn’t mind a rebuttal from the other side.

I bet this phrase has gone viral all over the Internet with the acronym, “AYFKM” but please stop it now.  There were way way way too many of those types of girls who hung around my buddies and I in high school.  If you’re reading this, you know exactly who you are.  Things probably haven’t changed.  It’s the worst.

There are funny, and appropriate ways to drop that line.  Kristen Wig nails it in Bridesmaids, and I’m sure everyone’s gotten yelled at and heard the “AYFKM” phrase.  Just remember how awful, that annoying and not needed, way of using it sounds to everyone else around you.  No one likes it, just stop.

tumblr_mfa668WCj91rctctpo1_500(This was funny)


6 thoughts on “The Phrase Women Say, That Drives You Nuts

  1. There are no words for this post except the obvious. You know what’s annoying that guys say? Practically everything. Wanna know what we don’t want to hear you say?

    The following:

    “My fantasy team…:”
    “It’s not my fault”
    “I don’t know her- I only met her once- I don’t know why she stalks me online?”
    “I feel like you’re lecturing me”
    “This time in high school my buddies and I………”
    ” You always do that”
    “I never watch porn”
    “You’re overreacting”
    “I’m not stupid”
    “I’m a nice guy- it’s not my fault”
    “I’m always in trouble”
    “Today at work I was on the toilet and…”

    And every single word you morons use for vagina’s around your friends because you have to talk about them in every disgusting way possible because you’re a giant bunch of vagina’s yourself ….and the organ itself, terrifies you.

    Here’s an idea- how about men stop doing the things that cause women to ask if they’re fucking kidding them, eh? It’s simple really. You hate to hear this phrase because you know you’ve done something so astonishingly stupid they can’t believe someone over the age of 6 is sitting there having a conversation with them. So they have a choice- It’s either say the phrase- or bash their head against a door to knock themselves out just to get away from all the stupid.

    The end.

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