Today’s Tip of the Day is for all you watch wearers: On most button down shirts, there are two buttons at your cuff.  Buttoning the first button will keep the cuff looser on your wrist, and buttoning the second button on your cuff will be a tighter fit.  When wearing a watch, button the second button on the cuff, so that the sleeve of the shirt does not go past your wristwatch.  If you are wearing a suit, button the first button on your non-watch hand, and the second button on your watch hand.  Doing this should allow for your sleeve to show on your non-watch hand and your watch to show, on your watch hand.  AKA the exact way you’re supposed to look when wearing a suit. 205323_721445211361_331104522_nNotice, the gentleman with the glasses.  The watch is visible on his left hand and his sleeve is visibile on his right.



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