Some Etiquette for the Wise

It is an important feature to have, if you are a person who is able to laugh at yourself for your own faults and mistakes.  No one likes the overly-sensitive people, who when made uncomfortable, immediately attack other people.  Being able to laugh off the crude comments a friend or whoever else makes at you is vital in showing good character.

I remember one time in the summer, I woke up in just my boxers, realizing that I needed something out of my car.  In my dazed stage, I walked to my front door in nothing but those drawers.  Here’s where it gets good.  The front porch at my house had just been redone the day before.  It also had just rained that night and the patio was still damp.  As I ripped open the front door, I took about three steps and just as I went to step down the first stair, in nothing but my boxers mind you, I slipped so badly to the point where my feet were probably above my head, and slid down the next four steps in a rather extreme fashion.  As I looked up to try and play it cool, I spotted a man walking across the street make direct eye contact with me.  Did he laugh at me you ask?  You bet your ass he did.  He had a shit eating, giggling grin on his face, and I could do nothing more but smile back and give him a wave.  He quickly tried to act like he wasn’t laughing and walked on in a hurried pace, but the damage was already done.  reno-slip-and-fall

My point in that story, aside from me busting my ass in my underwear, is that everyone will do embarrassing things in their life, and everyone needs to know how to handle a situation.  Granted, there will be a lot of situations where things happen to you, and you may not think they are so funny, when others do.  But I say to you, that you will find yourself much happier and at a much easier state of mind if you find ways to not let such situations bother you.  1351737293781_funny-pictures

Let’s look at this from a viewer’s point of view (in regards to proper manners).  If you spot out that one of your buddies has his fly undone, you tell him.  You can make fun of him, if he can take it, but you should tell him.  Just as if someone you know has food on their face or a bugger in their nose, you tell them so as they don’t look stupid to the people they do not know.  Hopefully, the person will be able to laugh off the situation just as you now know how to.

If a situation arises where someone has fallen and everyone else seems to be laughing, do not be so engaged in laughter that you forget to ask if the person is okay.  Upon injury, these rules change a bit.

I hope you enjoyed this quick bit, and come back for more.


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