Sun’s Out Guns Out

Unfortunately, the sun is not quite ready to beam down its warm weather on us just yet (for those readers in the Northern-most areas), but when it does, we’ve got some advice for you.  How many guys do you still see wearing their cut off shirts to the gym, to the beach, out on the town, and when you’re in Miami or the Jersey Shore, out to clubs at night?  I’ve bashed the Jersey Shore cast enough but if you are guilty of wearing cut-off shirts in the warm weather, please continue reading.

295266_636859237469_1187711830_nThere is a difference between a cut-off shirt and a pinny.  A cut-ff shirt is literally a T shirt, missing the sleeves.  The collar is still a crew neck style, and it still looks like a basic T shirt.  A pinny is similar to a jersey style, with a drooping front and back collar, with large sleeve holes.  A pinny-style shirt is acceptable at the beach and in casual warm weather situations.  The younger crowd enjoys wearing them out to actual events, but I say nope.  Keep the pinnies for the beach, play, and workouts.

The new muscle shirt that is stylish, in, and acceptable in most situations, is the Henley T shirt.  Henley shirts come in long sleeve and short sleeve, but we are focusing on short-sleeve-situations.  The key to a nice Henley shirt is the proper fit.  Make sure the shirt fits nice and snug.  It is not meant to be a baggy shirt, but rather one you should wear after a nice gym session and you’ve got your beach muscles all swollen up.  Throw on a chain underneath the shirt.  Do NOT wear the chain on the outside of the shirt.  ryan-gosling-henley-t-shirt

The Henley shirt is making appearances everywhere, be sure to be in the game and wear one when the weather calls for it.  If you are looking for a casual, stylish look this coming spring break, find a nice Henley.  Classic white is my favorite.  575434_714862173821_255202854_nDo it right…celebrity_marat_1


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