#TipOfTheDay – Facial Hair

Today’s Tip of the Day: Flirt with facial hair.

Go ahead, try it on.  See what you think.  You can always put it back in the closet.Ryan_Gosling_2013

I understand that in most working places in America, men are required to be clean shaven, or to maintain their beard, mustache, or goatee cleanly.  If you have the luxury of being able to play around with your facial hair, I say why not.  Grow some scruff, try a mustache, and maybe even a beard.  Fuck, every single kid I know that has gone to college, comes home with a beard after freshman year (or whenever they can finally grow it).  See what you can do.  529403_657476605099_889990541_n

** Avoid chinstraps at all costs. **


One thought on “#TipOfTheDay – Facial Hair

  1. Merry Christmas Maureen. We’re in Cincinnati with Ted and Pat having a good ol Lebanese Christmas. All our love,David, Alice, Courtney, Martha, and James.

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