Things She’ll Hate

Ever been around someone you’ve considered dating/talking to, and then with one slight fuck up (on their part), your depiction of them is completely altered?  It happens.  Probably more than you think.  And with today’s society being so damn judgmental  you’ve got to be on your game not to be the one that does the fucking up.

Disgusted Face

Don’t talk about your exes!  There is a time and a place for that nonsense conversation to come up, and it will be blatantly obvious.  Until then, don’t talk about things you used to do with so and so who no longer matters.

Don’t make the date/night/whatever more about you than it is her: Don’t be the one talking over her, telling her about all your glory days, and not finding out things about her that you should.

Don’t swear too much: Coming from me, this is a lot too ask.  I openly admit to swearing too much.  The thing I try and do when I swear, is to try and make it be humorous.  Obviously, the angry “F” bombs fly every once in a while, but I try to limit the aggressive swearing.  So if you’re going to swear, do it lightly, and try to make her laugh with it.

Don’t be predictable: This goes for those of you in a relationship.  I can’t foresee a woman being overly ecstatic about hearing the same things over and over again, doing the same things over and over again, or going to the same places over and over again.  Mix things up and be more mysterious than predictable.

Bros before hoes: First of all, if she ever hears you say that, she may spit in your face.  Secondly, telling her that you had plans with the boys, but would rather chill with her is something she’ll like hearing.  Keep your friends, don’t ever lose touch, but let her know you’ll be there with her when she needs/wants it.


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