Gangster Squad Review

I went and saw the new film, Gangster Squad, last night and I have to state my approval.  The movie is exactly what you think it is: High action, good looking cast, a little cheesy, not an overpowering amount of emotion, violence, and a little sex.  If you’ve seen the trailer, you have an idea of pretty much, exactly what the movie will lay out.gangster_squad-wide

From an entertainer’s point of view, the movie was great.  It doesn’t leave you upset, there was always something attention-grasping happening at every scene, the actual filming and picture of the movie was great, there was an exciting plot, there was a good looking cast, there was emotion involved, but not an overwhelming amount, and more.  From a movie critic’s point of view, you’d have to be a little harsh.  There weren’t any Grammy-type performances, they had to eliminate a hyped scene of the movie due to violence in a movie theatre (it was the right decision), and the director didn’t leave you attached to any of the characters.  In order to have a film be portrayed as a truly great one, it has to push limits and go places people normally wouldn’t think of.  In Gangster Squad, the elements weren’t exactly pushed, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.  GANGSTER SQUAD

Movie Critic rating: 2.5 stars
Entertainer’s rating: 3.5 stars

I took the lady, and she enjoyed the movie very much, so know, that as much as it seems like a man’s movie, it is for a diverse crowd.  The violence is not overpowering, but very much so existant.  Let us know what you think, if/when you see it.


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