Today’s Tip of the Day: Carbs are in.  Gluten is out.

Are you entering this new year with health plans in mind?  Well if you aren’t you should be.  About ten years ago, the Atkins diet was introduced, where anyone obeying its system was told to avoid carbs by all means.  Today, that diet has been pointed out to be a little extreme and unnecessary.  Instead of strictly avoiding carbs, find the healthy ones like sweet potatoes and whole grains.  glutenfree

Carbs give your body the necessary fuel that helps get you through the day feeling energized.  When you are feeling weak, faint, or whatever, chances are it is due to dehydration or a lack of carbs in your body.

Carbs do not equal gluten.  Stores like Wegman’s have gone out of their way to develop gluten free breads, pastas, cereals, and more, while the list of other foods that don’t contain gluten are plentiful and delicious.  Avoiding gluten is good for blood flow, good for your skin, and good for your overall body’s health.  It is hard to cut it out of your diet completely, and in that case, I say limit it.


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