NFL Playoffs: Week 2 Predictions

Well week 1 is in the books, and the week 2 games are exactly what we thought they would be.  Let’s dive right into it:

Texans at Patriots: J Norman & Co are Patriots fans in case you haven’t noticed yet.  We like Brady, we like the Pats, we like their system.  The Texans stand no chance against Brady and his boys.  Gronk should be back to almost full health, they’ve got home field advantage, and the Texans are close with the Falcons for the most overrated team in the league.  Pats win and should do it big.Texans-Patriots-Point-Spread-120912L

Baltimore at Denver: This game is a bit more of a toss up.  I feel that Baltimore is expected to lose, but I am not quite sure.  I am going to go on to the next two games and come back to this…

Okay I’m back.  Just wrote the last two picks you will soon read.  I’m giving this one to Denver.  Like my Seattle pick, I am unsure of this and truly want to go the other way.  If the ravens utilize Ray Rice the way they should, they can easily win this game.  Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay at San Fran: Taking the underdog here (if you can call them that) and going with the Packers.  I think that Colin Kapernick is a good quarterback.  I think Alex Smith got boned.  But I feel that the only way the 49ers win this game, is with Kapernick’s legs, not his arm.  I don’t see him producing big passing numbers.  For the 49ers to win, I think he and Frank Gore have to pile up 170 yards rushing, or else Rodgers will be ‘Discount Double Checking’ all day.aaron-rodgers

Seattle at Atlanta: I want to pick Seattle so bad, I really do.  They are the hottest team in the league and just showed they have what it takes to win big games and come back from behind, on the road.  I’m giving it to Atlanta though.  Julio Jones and Roddy White should have big games.  You can’t expect anything out of Michael Turner, so their passing game has to flourish, or else they’re in trouble.  If the Seahawks do win this game, they could very easily win it all.  We shall see.K.J. Wright. Tony Gonzalez


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