Today’s Tip of the Day: Avoid the number game. be5a3ac0f8430c02cee1303d7787a129-1

I think you’ve got an idea of what I am talking about.  Just met someone new or started to date someone new and are curious about their past?  It’s normal, for men and women.  My advice on this situation, is to avoid the number game at all costs.  It is important to realize if you are dating the town whore, so a basic background interrogation isn’t the worst thing you can do.  Ask him/her upfront and ask a couple of friends if they know anything about his/her past.  However, what better way to kill the mood then telling your significant other the number of people you have slept with.

I’ve got the buddies who can’t wait to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, the total number of women they’ve slept with in their entire existence   Then I’ve got the ultra insecure buddies who literally ruin relationships because they are so jealously concerned about what this new girl they are talking to, has done in her past.  Like literally, any number other than 0, in the number game, is enough for him to break it off.  It’s sad to say, but it’s the 21st century, and that type of crowd just doesn’t exist anymore. m224302144

So my advice to you all, is to determine if the one you are with, is the one you want to be with and not the one everyone else has been with.  Find ways to make sure he/she is up your ally without directly asking, “What’s your number?”


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