Rain Jacket, Trench Jacket, Who Gives a Shit

As many of you are probably already anticipating, Spring is on the way!  While we have already given you a brief preview of the style senses to come for the warmer weather, we wanted to express our delight in one style in particular: The rain/trench jacket.Waxed-Cotton-Double-Trench-Coat-G49706_D

Spring still allows you to wear overcoats and other items that will keep you warm when spring is unpredictable.  One way to tackle the spring time in a fashionable manner is to get yourself a rain/trench jacket for a good price.  Normally, when I say, “Rain Coat”, I am referring to a more causal type of jacket, and when I refer to, “Trench Coat”, I am referring to a dressier type of jacket.  Both are nice to have for the Spring.

Nothing like being in a rush, throwing on a pair of jeans, and a light NorthFace wind breaker type jacket before you run out the door.  The NorthFace is one of the simplest, most universally accepted item’s in any man’s wardrobe.  You can wear one to a country club or to the movies and fit right in with every crowd.  Whether it’s a half zip pullover, a full zip windbreaker with a hood, or a nice fleece, the NorthFace jacket is one to ride this spring.  Come to Tony Walker & Co, the NorthFace capital of Western New York, and pick one up today.295228_499268983436522_1734198402_n

The Trench Coat is one piece that I am especially big on as well.  A definition of a good trench coat, is one that goes past your waist and is normally above your knee, with or without a hood, in a water resistent type material.  Companies like Cole Haan and Gap have a healthy supply of Trench Coats to come this season, and I think you will be impressed.  Headed out to dinner or for drinks on a Thursday night and not sure what to wear?  Whether you’ve decided on a T shirt or a sweater, button down, tie combination, throwing a Trench Coat on over it all is a classy compliment to whichever wardrobe you choose.  Waxed-Cotton-Double-Trench-Coat-G49705_A

Happy hunting boys.  Pick them well.  (photo credits: Cole Haan and Tony Walker)


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