Today’s Tip of the Day: Find a way to wake up as stress free as possible.  Please, do not just read that and say, “Eh, whatever.  Bull shit tip of the day.”  Not at all.  There are probably so many things in your life that could cause you to wake up with more worries than you really need.  There are so many simple ways to alleviate those stresses and ease your mind from the moment you wake up:

Get a routine for the morning AND ENJOY IT: Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, your morning shower, reading the paper, watching the news, or catching Sportscenter, do it and enjoy it.  Make it your morning release.  While other things are on your mind, escape in the moment and enjoy yourself.man-reading-paper-over-coffee

Wake up somewhere that makes you happy: This morning, I woke up in Naples, Florida at my bosses home.  I awoke, stepped onto the back patio and overlooked the 15th hole of a wonderful golf course.  Today, it was easy for me.  But aside from today, I make sure that I am happy where I awake in the morning, wherever I am.IMG_3059

Wake up with someone that makes you happy: This goes along with one of the biggest cliches in the world: Don’t go to bed mad.  Something I preach so intensely, it is a good law to abide by.  Wake up to the person that will make you smile, not the person that makes you worry.

Get a dog: There’s nothing like waking up to man’s best friend, greeting you with a big smile every morning.  If you aren’t a dog lover, become one.  They are game/life changers. IMG_1694


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