Socks Socks Socks

It’s nuts that socks are becoming an important part of a stylish wardrobe these days. Or is it?  There are different socks for different occasions.  For instance, you don’t want to show up to an interview with your Dr. Suess looking socks.  Rather, the conventional dark sock (navy or black) is what would be considered appropriate.qj53yvqf

This past Christmas my sister and brother (in law) bought me a plethora of awesome socks.  From stripes, to polka dots, to cool patterns, to conservatives, they pretty much covered them all.  Now, what can I wear to what?JOWlObnx

Conservative socks should be worn to work.  I have been guilty of throwing on a few of the crazy ones in the office, but for the most part, keep it simple in the office.  Any party or anything of the sort, feel free to bust out the ‘Cool-Kid-Socks’.  Argyles can be worn anywhere and solids are always acceptable.  You know which socks may be too much, be a good judge.  73956_3843128040763_1998723820_n


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