Today’s Tip of the Day comes with a sense of broadness to the concept: When in doubt, ask questions.question.istock_000008393401medium-resized-600

It sounds simple, yes, but if you are like me, sometimes you will hesitate when you know you should ask questions.  Take me for example; I remeber sitting in math and Latin (and probably much more) and realizing that I have no clue what the fuck the teachers were talking about.  And did I ask questions?  Nope.  Instead, I probably fell asleep and thought to myself, “Who cares?”  But this IS NOT the advice I give to you today.  Whether you have questions about your wardrobe, your work, your school, or any common concept you may not fully understand, my advice is to simply ask questions.  Do not be worried about seeming stupid or feeling insecure.  It will be the right decision to ask these questions.


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