Spring Fashion Sneak Peek

Get ready to bring back your light jackets, your suede loafers, and your brighter colors, because spring is on its way.  We are excited about the trends and styles to announce and ready to give you the best advice for what you should be wearing, come this spring.

One particular trend that we are big on, is the pale suit/suit jacket.  When you decide to hang up your basic navies, blacks, and greys, and go for a bit bolder statement with a chalk-like suit jacket, it gives your shirt more of an opportunity to stand out.  With this knowledge, choose your shirt with an understanding that you can go for an eye popping, salmon colored button down, or go bold with a denim-colored blue.  Whether you choose to wear a tie or not is up to you, but if you do, go for a contrasting-colored tie.  For example, with a salmon-colored shirt, try on a greenish-blue tie, and with a denim-colored shirt, go for a salmon-colored tie.nicholas-hoult-in-a-pale-blue-skinny-suit-with-loafers

With spring, and warmer weather on its way, we can go back to certain areas we have addressed before.  We are going to push trench coats, finely tailored pants (that some people may think are too short), to roll or unroll your pants, colors, hats, what to wear to what, and so much more.

Double-button trench coat - khaki(Photo credit: Gap) Jacket found at Gap stores or Gap.com



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