NFL Wild Card Wrap Up

Well, I went 4-0 on my picks this weekend, and after doing such my cousin pointed out that I simply chose the favorites.  I did not take the easy way out, it was just a weekend where upsets did not seem too probable.  When the time for picking upsets comes, I will pick them.  Let’s get into the games:


On Saturday, the NFL fans and viewers were presented with two of the most unentertaining games I have ever seen.  Andy Dalton and AJ Green’s explosiveness was nonexistent, while the Texans lacked any big-play ability throughout the whole game.  That being said, the strategic play of letting Arian Foster control the game, did work out for them.  But aside from his +100 yard game, his team lacked any luster and were just overall boring to watch.  Not to mention, that Texans stadium must have been as bored as I was.  I felt as if I could hear a pin drop throughout the majority of the game.  When the camera would show glimpses of the crowd, I was honestly surprised to see the amount of people that were there.  Not ideal, Houston.  The Texans ended up winning the game 19-13 but are on their way to get slaughtered by the Patriots.130105081221_texans-bengals105

Saturday’s second game was not as boring as the first, but it was damn near close.  The Green Bay Packers took on the Minnesota Vikings, and the best part of that game was watching Joe Webb try to escape from sacks by throwing the ball away while looking like something like this:

It’s tough to win a playoff game when you are solely relying on your running back, as the Minnesota Vikings did with Adrian Peterson.  Aaron Rodgers is simply too good for a team like the Vikings to pull of this sort of playoff upset.  I know they won the week before against the Pack, but still, we all knew this was going to be an entirely different ball game, and it was.  The Packers beat up on a deflated Minnesota team, 24-10.20130105_packers-clay-matthews_53


Sunday’s games were thankfully more entertaining than that of Saturday’s.  The 1 o’clock game was a showdown between the Ravens and the Colts which will turn out to be, future Hall of Fame linebacker, Ray Lewis’ last home game.  Didn’t he kill someone?  Ah, we won’t get carried away.

Both offenses looked to be operating okay and some crucial turnovers took points off the board for both teams.  Ray Rice, my fantasy MVP running back, lost two fumbles, after never have lost one during the entire regular season.  Luckily he made up for it by breaking loose for a 47 yard reception, which inevitably set up the Ravens for a score on the next play.  Unfortunately for Andrew Luck, his receivers lacked the ability to catch the ball.  Dude threw the ball 54 times and just wasn’t getting much help on the receiving end.  0106-Ray-Lewis-Ravens.jpg_full_600

The mediocre Joe Flacco had an okay day, throwing for two scores and keeping the Ravens offense moving down the field pretty consistently.  I am far from Flacco’s biggest fan, but the fact is, he’s been to the playoffs his first 5 seasons, which no other QB has ever to do.  The Ravens beat the Colts 24-9 and shut down Andrew Luck’s playoff run.

The next game was the highly anticipated, rookie QB matchup between Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson (Washington Redskins vs Seattle Seahawks).  The Redskins burst out the gate furiously, taking a 14-0 lead, and no one was more excited than me.  I have fully jumped on the RG3 bandwagon and will continue to root for his success.  The fact that he helped me win my third straight Fantasy Football title may have helped.  After a rushing play, from RG3 just before the Redskins scored their second touchdown, he took a hit which left him wobbling.  He got up very gingerly and was limping for the rest of the game because of it.  If you have seen the dude play before, every time he takes a hit, you are worried for him.  He is skinny and he takes a beating out there.

After being hit and obviously limping, head coach Mike Shanahan asked Robert if he were still able to play.  RG3 gave the nod and that was all Shanahan needed.  Now, here’s the issue: Any Redskin fan was just hoping Robert would stay in the game and continue to play how he was playing.  Even though his ability was noticeably diminished, it still gave fans and coaches, more of a comfort, seeing him out there.  But was it the right call?  In short, no.  Robert Griffin failed to get his team into scoring position again, he could not run the ball anymore, and he was turning the ball over.  In the fourth quarter, Redskins center, Will Montgomery, snapped the ball into the ground, forcing Griffin III to maneuver oddly, and injure his knee even worse.  I am sorry to pick on him, but how Will Montgomery is not the fool of the league right now is beyond me.  Snap the fucking ball to your quarterback’s chest and do your job.  Montgomery went on to dirt another ball as Kirk Cousins eventually came into play.  That type of shit can’t go un-noted.  You could go as far as to say that he should be cut.

After the Redskins went up 14-0, their team, not just RG3, never looked the same.  The defense couldn’t stop Marshawn Lynch, and their offense simply couldn’t move the ball.  I was right on my pick, but the team I was rooting for lost.  Seahawks win, 24-14.


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