Christmas is more than a week past us now, and chances are you received some gifts from parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or whomever.  Regardless if the gift was something you were really hoping for, or something that you will literally never use/wear once, it is important to show some gratitude for the thought/gesture that was directed at you.

Today’s Tip of the Day: Write someone a thank you message/note for what they have done for you this past Christmas.  With today’s technology, it is impossible not to be able to reach out to someone and offer up your thanks.  I am not the biggest fan of handwriting, thank you notes, and that is a fault of mine.  However, I absolutely do my best to text, Facebook, call, or perform some other type of gesture to let that person (those people) know that I sincerely appreciated what they had done for me.  So make someone feel good and show them a little extra thanks.  Maybe even some flowers to those who were particularly nice to you.give-thanks


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