The Perks and Flaws of Being Age 40 and Up

Older men have just as much of an ability to stand out as the 21 year old dude in the room.  It may take them a little more work, but they certainly still have the ability to be the man of the room.

Perks to Being Above 40: 

1. You have the ability to “Pull off” a wider variety of clothing than that of your son(s).  Go into your closet and realize that throwing on your 1990s Brooks Brothers shirt with your pleaded khakis, old loafers, and old sport coat is still acceptable.  Being 40 and older means that modern day style and fashion is not a must for you.  It is certainly an option, but not a mandatory one.  Keep people guessing and go more modern one day, while going a little throw back the next.

2. Dad Jeans- You can still wear them.  As a matter of fact, my Dad has a pair on as we speak and he’s looking good.  Your 1990 jeans are probably still in your closet and are probably still getting good use.  Just don’t be afraid to have a pair or 2 of some newer, fresher jeans.b3db425a874ddad1_obama-dad-jeans

3. You’re in the prime of your life.  I like to think that no matter what age you are, you are in the prime of your life.  I also like to think, that the older you grow, the wiser you get, the happier you become, and the more stylish/better looking you become.  Embrace age with grace.

4. You have the opportunity to be “The Man” all over again.  Whether it’s your kids, grandkids, nephews, or even strangers, realize that being older immediately means that the younger crowd is looking up to you.  Take advantage of the ‘Respecting your elders’ rule.  Don’t reminisce on your glory days too much, rather, recreate them in new ways.

5. You have every excuse to be lazy.  Blame it on the bum knee or the bad back and boom, you are out of anything you want.  Not up for that round of golf or mowing the lawn?  Put it off with honor.lazy-man-300x199

6. 40 is the new 30.  People are living longer now.

The Flaws

1. People seem to hate those big number birthdays.  30, 40, 50, and 60 just start to sound like nails on a chalkboard (so I’m told).  I say fuck it, be proud you’ve made it to the next decade of your life.

2. Chances are, your metabolism has slowed.  Sucks not being able to eat cheeseburgers and pizza for every meal while washing it down with a 12 pack right?  Workouts might seem like more of a ‘must do’ than a ‘want to do’.iStock_000010218832XSmall


3. Technology has gotten better, yet more difficult.  

4. Mid Life Crises.  You’ve probably looked at that Ferrari and said to yourself, “I deserve that.”  Well you shouldn’t.  Ferraris are for douche bags.  Spoil yourself when you deserve it, but just do it


I could have gone on for years about the perks of being 40 and older and couldn’t have come up with many more of this comical, made up, “Flaws”.  Being 40 is cool.  Be a cool dad if you’ve got the chance, be a good husband, be a mentor, and just be cool in general.  Enjoy your aging years, they’ll be fun.


2 thoughts on “The Perks and Flaws of Being Age 40 and Up

  1. The Perks and Flaws of Being Age 30 and Under.

    1. Potential. Being young is tough. It’s a learning experience, but even though you still don’t know shit in your twenties – and haven’t accomplished a single thing – you can still pull off being the ‘man’ by demonstrating some potential to eventually becoming the ‘man.’
    2. Relevance. Once again, even though you haven’t accomplished anything other than maybe a winning shot or passing the Bar, you can still rely on the awesome promise of your potential. Don’t worry about not measuring up to people who have actually built or accomplished something. Walk into that room like you are relevant to the future, even if you are still a footnote to the present.
    3. Lazy. Although you can try on the excuse that you are still finding yourself, there’s never an excuse for being lazy, so get to work. Actually working hard is a better way of standing out than wearing the latest clown outfit that passes as fashion. The ‘man’ is never fashionable. The ‘man’ is productive. His style is based on what he’s building, not on what he is portraying. You can always tell the pretender from the real thing when you walk into a room.
    4. Being cool. While it’s hard to be cool when you’re still living in your parent’s basement or some rundown shit-hole in the city, try to at least be clean. A clean apartment that is tastily appointed is cool. Beer and vodka bottles are not cool. Waterbeds are a pain in the ass, and dirty laundry is definitely not cool.
    5. Experience. They say that 20 is the new 50 when it comes to experience, especially when you are talking about technology. So, even though you lack any real world experience, you can fake it pretty good if you can do something with technology other than post useless inane Twitter comments.

    So, I guess being under 30 could be cool. Regardless, enjoy your youthful years, they should be fun. The good news is that sooner or later you will grow up and maybe someday really be the ‘man,’ and that’s when the real fun begins. And even though women of all ages all want the ‘man,’ I hear plenty of them will settle for a young guy with promise and a clean bed.

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