Best in the West?

As of right now, the NBA’s west coast is probably the most exciting dynamic of the league.  The Spurs still amaze me with what they are able to do while Kevin Durant and the Thunder are always exciting to watch.  However, I have been particularly interested in basketball in the state of California.  With the Lakers, Clippers, and Warriors, a heated Californian rivalry seems to be brewing.  Sorry to the Kings, they just aren’t there yet.

The Lakers and Clippers have renewed their rivalry with the emergence of Blake Griffin and then the eventual acquisition of point guard, Chris Paul (who the Lakers were supposed to have obtained in a trade).  What people are finally starting to realize, is that there is another team in California that is making some noise, the Golden State Warriors.  NBA Finals Game 6:  Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

I am one of those NBA fans that roots, more so, for players, than any one team in particular.  With the rosters that certain teams have, I enjoy watching the Celtics, Lakers, Clippers, Thunder, Warriors and more.  I have been preaching the Golden State Warriors for the last three years and finally, ESPN gives them some credit.  I have no idea if Mark Jackson is a good coach or not, but I knew that when he took that job, he was incredibly fortunate.  He came into a lineup with two of the best guards in the game, with Steph Curry and Monta Ellis.  Unfortunately, Monta Ellis has since been traded, but it seems to be working out just fine for the Warriors, who currently sit 22-10, 5th in their conference.

Unfortunately for the Warriors, there are so many other good teams in the West, I think it will be incredibly difficult for them to ever make a serious run.  That’s not to say that I will not be rooting for them.

To me, too many teams make the playoffs in the NBA.  I believe the NFL has their playoff system laid out perfectly, while baseball is making strides at making theirs better.  I love the NBA playoffs, but it just seems that too many teams who have subpar years end up making the playoffs.  I can’t complain too much, because the playoffs prolonged period allows for good sports to continue on throughout the year.  220px-Stephen_Curry_2

Regardless of playoff scenarios, their is a debate brewing for who is the best in the state of Cali.  Lakers, Clippers, or Warriors?  With the Lakers struggling like we are not used to seeing, they may take number 3 in this ranking system.  Their new lineup had the potential to be phenomenal, but is struggling to exist averagely.  They are, as Kobe has said, “Old and slow.”  Kobe is aging, Nash is old, and Dwight Howard is still fresh of off back surgery.  Hopefully they can step it up from here on out, but for now they sit at #3 in California.

golden-state-warriors-0The Golden State Warriors come in as Cali’s number 2 ranked team by J Norman & Co.  With Steph Curry, seemingly, finally healthy, he has been able to stroll the courts the way we have expected him to.  Not to mention he has a supporting cast of David Lee, Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, and more, the Warriors are getting their fans hopes up.

Coming in at number one, is the LA Clippers.  The Clippers are flat out exciting to watch play.  CP3 and Blake Griffin have paired up to be what people had hoped for, an elite, electric, guard/forward combination.  Lamar Odom has stepped up as well as Eric Butler and Matt Barnes and the Clippers are fresh off of the longest winning streak the NBA has seen in this decade, in 17.  The Clippers could do something this year, but still, I don’t think they can win the title just yet.  griffin-paul-basketball

Lucky for all the readers/viewers, the Clippers play the Lakers tonight at 10:30 and then face off against the Warriors tomorrow at 10:30.  We will see if my rankings hold up for these game outcomes.


4 thoughts on “Best in the West?

  1. The Spurs are the best run organization in all of professional sports over the last 20 years. But because their biggest stars do their jobs and stay out of the tabloids, and they’re in San Antonio instead of Dallas, they just don’t get noticed for it the same way the Red Wings, Patriots and Yankees do.

    • I agree that they are run extremely well. They go under the radar and yet they just keep winning. OKC was too much for them in the postseason, but we’ll see if it’s different this year. I don’t doubt that they’ll meet again.

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