Take Your Pants Off

Sometimes whilst writing certain articles like this, one may feel as if he are giving away valuable information.  I like to look at it as giving a helping hand…

If you are an owner of a suit or suits, you have valuable options you may not be aware of.  Be it grey, blue, or black, you have valuable options to work with for your street style, work attire, and party gear.  How?  By taking your pants off.jude-law-suit-grey-nike-trainers-jeans1

Determine which jacket/shirt combination you want to pull off tonight.  Whichever suit jacket you decide to go with, leave the pants on the hanger.  Let’s say you chose your grey suit jacket with a solid light colored button-down.  Look into your closet for a pair of dark denim jeans or navy slacks.  Don’t forget that you can mix and match your other suit pants with your grey suit jacket.  Blue and black pants cooperate with a grey jacket.

So you’ve got your grey suit coat, light button-down, and dark denim.  Now to the shoes.  If you decide to wear black or brown shoes, be sure to match your leathers!  Black shoes = black belt.  I am a firm wearer of brown shoes and belts so that is normally what I shoot for.  394084_4022017512888_2080199482_n

Be sure the button-down you have selected is a nicely fit shirt so that if you are ballsy enough to try and leave it untucked with your jacket on, that it doesn’t hang down to your knees.  I must say though, the untucked shirt with a jacket on, is not one that I am big on.  Tuck the shirt in and maybe throw on a tie.  Pocket square is up to you.

m2JacketsVests1Whether you are heading into work or on your way to the Knicks game, remember that a suit isn’t always a suit.  Just don’t forget to take your pants off.


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