13 Things to Look Forward to In 2013

1. The New Cast Member of Modern Family: Gloria is pregnant!  Boy or girl?!


2. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are Having a Baby???557074_10151354839374797_1343581410_n

3. More of Kanye West’s Brutally Awful Attempts at Setting Fashion Trends- From kilts, to feather/diamond masks…

kanye-west-revel-atlantic-city-december-2012-6 Kanye-West-Mask-Revel-4

4. Gun Control Arguments to Come:

gun-control5. 2013 Styles to Come: 


6. The NFL Playoffs/Beyonce’s Halftime Performance to Come: This season’s NFL playoff’s are as exciting as I can remember.  No front runner, three rookies, lots of underdogs, and just pure excitement.


7. My list of favorite TV shows to be continued and renewed: Modern Family, Homeland, New Girl, Up All Night, Magic City, and many more.  Pick up some new shows to watch, whether they are new or old, and enjoy.


8. The Plethora of Unexpected Men Taylor Swift will try Dating and Eventually End up Being Dumped by and Writing a Song About- Z100's Jingle Ball 2009 - Show


9. The Great Gatsby- Will it live up to the hype?


10. It seems that Interest Rates Will Go Down- 50-70 basis points rate cut is likely to occur.interest-rates-down-widget

11. Will Tina Fey and Amy Poehler be Able to Follow Up Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes?

2354_D007_00012rc.jpg Film Baby Mama

12. The Possible Return of the NHL?

940-lockout-fans-8col13. Getting fit, stylish, in-shape, and happy!







2 thoughts on “13 Things to Look Forward to In 2013

  1. It seems like you don’t know this but my album [The Death of Adam] came out on November 11, 2008. So, I’d probably write: in stoers now instead of out soon on Decon Just a suggestion. 😉

  2. အစ္မေရစိတ္ညစ္ညဴးစရာမရွိဘဲၾကည္လင္ ေပ်ာ္ရႊင္ေနတာ ေတြ႕ရလုိ႔ ၀မ္းသာတယ္။အဆင္ေျပမႈေတြ၊ အဆင္မေျပမႈေတြကုိရင္ဖြင့္ဖုိ႔ ကိုယ္ပိုင္ဘေလာဂ့္ေလးရွိပါတယ္။အလားအလာ ေကာင္းမေကာင္း ဆုိတာထက္မိမိလုပ္ခ်င္တာကုိ လြတ္လြတ္လပ္လပ္ လုပ္ေနရတာကုိက စိတ္ခ်မ္းသာစရာပါ။မိမိစိတ္ခ်မ္းသာဖုိ႔ စိတ္ထြက္ေပါက္အတြက္အြန္လိုင္းေပၚက မိတ္ေဆြေတြကုိဟန္ေဆာင္မႈ ကင္းစြာနဲ႔ရင္းရင္းႏွီးႏွီးေျပာဆုိဆက္ဆံပါအၿမဲ အားေပးေနပါမယ္။ေလးစားလ်က္

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