The Shoes You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Anymore

Chances are you’ve got a pair of these from the old days, but I’m here to tell you it’s time to hang em’ up…

Square toed dress shoes = Outurl

Square toed shoes are way past their prime.  When dressing to impress, it’s time to go with a wing tip/pointed tip shoe.  Squares are lame.  Whether your wearing a pair of monks, loafers, or lace-ups, the tip will look and feel better.  If you think those shoes to the right look good then you need to reevaluate your sense of style.

Here are some wing tips/pointed tips:Ralph-Lauren-double-monk-shoesphoto-2

English: Men's dark oak colored Adelaide Half/...

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Today’s Tip of the Day: Evolve your style.


This can be looked at in several ways, but it is great advice.  You can’t be insecure about trying new things when it comes to personal style.  If you remain to be that conservative, never takes chances, predictable with everything you wear type guy, then you are probably just going through the motions with your style/wardrobe.  Here are a few things you could be doing that you may want to change:

  1. imgres-1Have you had the same haircut for way too long?  If so, grow it out, or chop it down.  Even if you are rocking the business casual look with the top of your hair a bit longer than the bottom, the next time you get a hair cut, change it up.  Have them tighten your sides and bottom with some clippers, or else have them cut it very short with scissors.  Tight on the bottom with some hair on the top is in.
  2. Wear a slim suit- If you’ve been wearing the same suits for years now, go get them tailored up, or possibly buy a new slim cut one.
  3. Ties- Wear a skinny tie or a bow tie to your next party/event if you aren’t already on that train.
  4. Wear your brown shoes when you get the chance.
  5. IMG_6717Throw in a pocket square.  Most men don’t wear them, and I truly don’t know why.  Just do it.

In doing such things you may develop your own style that people may come to admire.

Black Can Be… Boring

Listen up men.  Most of you probably like black, because it is simple, it goes with a lot, and you think it looks sharp.  I agree with that.  Black is simple, it goes with a lot, and if you wear it right, it does look sharp.  But there is a difference between wearing that sexy ass black tux and wearing those same old black loafers everyday.  My unwritten rule, is when you have the opportunity to wear brown (or other colors for that matter), do it!


Put on your best navy suit…  Now Put on a nice tie, nice pocket square, and then your black shoes.  Now, swap the black shoes, for a stylish pair of brown ones and see how much more your wardrobe pops!  It makes a difference, trust me.  Wearing colors other than black can seriously make or break your outfit.  I truly want you to start looking further into your shoe collection and bring more browns, tans, and lighter colors into play.  url-9

Plus, like I’ve mentioned before, you can wear brown with black!  Don’t believe me?  Aren’t comfortable with that yet?  One Direction is: url-8

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

Sometimes tying a tie is more than just tying a tie.  There are several different knots/styles to tie one’s tie.  Today, I am going to teach you how to tie a half windsor knot:

Step 1: Make one side of the tie the dominant/long side.

Step 2: Cross the long end of the tie over the short end.

Step 3: Bring the long end of the tie under the short end.

Step 4: Pull the longer end over the narrow end and then back under the short end.

Step 5: Pull the long end over and across your shoulder.

Step 6: Push the point of the tie through the knot that has been developed.

Step 7: Pull the long end of the tie down and tighten, and look like so:

Photo 58And here’s how it looks with a skinny tie:


New York City Fashion- Market Week(s)

After spending most of last week in the big city, I learned a lot, saw a lot, and photographed a lot.  I wasn’t your stereotypical tourist to New York, snapping pictures of every skyscraper in sight, rather I was snapping shots of all the fashion trends that caught my attention.  IMG_1307

Market week(s) is fashion madness in New York.  Pretty much every vendor you can imagine sets up appointments for their vendors and shows product that they want to sell.  The vendor then shops the product and brings in what they think their customer would want the most.  I tended to have an eye out for what I might like the most, and in some cases, what I wear, as opposed to my customer, may not be the same.

IMG_1430During this market week, there were several trade shows taking place.  At these trade shows, there were hundreds of vendors.  Each vendor had a small space to show off their best product and attempt to sell to the buyers.  Once again, I saw what might as well have been a limitless amount of product that was eye popping.



Brands that particularly stood out to me were, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, Ted Baker, Victorinox, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Agave, WRK, Baldwin, and especially Polo/Ralph Lauren.  The Ralph Lauren showroom was simply out of this world.  It was the most world class, top notch showroom you could imagine.  From the building location, to the space they owned, to the way it was all set up, to the product they showed, it was magnificent.  Here are some shots of what the Ralph Lauren space had to offer:

IMG_1440 IMG_1441 IMG_1444 IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1454Stay tuned for more updates on men’s fashion from my week in the city.




Today’s Tip of the Day: When you’re asking someone for money, always wear a jacket and tie.url

I don’t care if you’re going to the bank for a hundred thousand dollar plus loan, or to your friend of 20 years for a thousand dollar loan, I stand firm on this rule, to always wear a jacket and tie when asking someone for money.  Would you feel comfortable giving a large sum of your money to someone wearing sneakers and a T shirt?  Did’t think so.  Do yourself a favor, whether asking for a promotion, a loan, or whatever, dress the part when you are doing so.  Make it a special occasion   Even if you don’t ever have to wear a tie to work, and are looking for that promotion.  The day you ask, put your best dress on.

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