Today’s Tip of the Day: When in doubt, keep it simple. 

Style is a precious thing, especially with men, so recognize and understand what you can and cannot get away with.  Know that women have the opportunity to be more daring with their wardrobes.  Men, on the other hand have to understand their limits.  Try and limit yourself to wearing not much more than 3 colors (if any more) in your wardrobe.  You want to look and feel great without having to overdue anything.  Believe me, when you try to overdue it, it is incredibly obvious. 361448

Limit your jewelry.  As Don Draper says, men aren’t really supposed to wear it.  Watches, cuff links, tie bars, and a conservative chains (around your neck) are acceptable.  If you are looking to be flashy and stylish, realize that the simplicity of the outfit makes it that.  There is nothing wrong with wearing a solid tie and a simple shirt.  It will look better than the overdone designs and patterns.


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