#TipOfTheDay- Snow Day!

If you’re reading this from Western New York, or specifically, the city of Buffalo, there’s a decent chance you’re snowed in.  Walking out to the streets to move my car today, I discovered that side streets were closed and cars were stuck.  Even if roads were not closed, the cars being stuck in the middle of a one-way street didn’t really allow you for much wiggle room.  Snow, snow, snow!  There’s so much of it.  If you were lucky enough to use the snow as your excuse for not showing up to work today, take advantage of it.photo

(Taken today in the streets of Buffalo)

Today’s Tip of the Day: Take advantage of your “snow days”, “sick days”, or any other days that you have stayed home for.  Whether you are one who cannot stand to miss a second of work, or if you would prefer to sleep the day away on your day at home, my advice is to take advantage of the circumstances.  If you’re sick, stay in bed, eat the sickness away with snacks and soups, watch your favorite movies and shows all day, and get the sleep you normally don’t during the work week.  If you’ve simply decided to stay home because you just need a day off, do what makes you happy.  Whether it’s eating and sleeping all day, or staying active and entertained, take advantage of the days you aren’t being told what to do at work.


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