Holiday Hangover

Well, Christmas is officially over, and it’s officially a bummer.  The anticipation of Christmas is not just about receiving things and getting time off of work.  It’s about giving, being with people you enjoy being around, and just overall being happy and relaxed.  With the end of Christmas comes the end of abusing movies like Elf, Arthur Christmas, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story.  We still have the New Year to look forward to, but let’s face it, some people will miss Christmas.sad-dog If you spent Christmas like most of us, you overate, you got spoiled, you spoiled people, you were happy with the family, and you got little sleep.  With Christmas now over, get back into your regular routines of working out, eating right, and using the rest of your resources to your advantage.  Got some cool new clothes for the Holidays?  Rock them strongly and show of your new swag. Get your mind off of missing Christmas by planning for the New Year.  Plan some sort of fun get together with your friends or possibly just you and your significant other and just go with it.  Two women toast as fireworks explode dur

New Year’s Day is no Christmas Day, and is one of the more overrated holidays of the year, but it’s still a fun one.  Get your crew together and start planning something fun.  I’m not big on going out for New Year’s Day.  It’s crazy, it’s chaotic, and most often, the majority of the crowds is not satisfied.  Don’t worry about staying in for the big night, chances are you’ll have more fun having some mini party with you and your friends than you would at some downtown club while you wait a haf an hour in line for a drink.


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