Healthier Christmas Dessert Options

1. Hot Chocolate- Use skim or soy milk and don’t abuse the chocolate powder and it’s not all bad.  Feel better about your delicious treat.hot1

2. Swap Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate- With whatever the mix is and whatever you’re making, dark chocolate has health benefits that milk chocolate does not.  Dark chocolate not only instigates sex drive, it also has antioxidants good for your skin.

3. Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries- A super food mixed with a healthy chocolate.  Boom!Chocolate_covered_strawberries

4. Add Bananas In Everything- Whether it’s a frozen banan covered in dark chocolate with sprinkles and whipped cream, or whether it’s chopped banana slices over your vanilla ice cream tray, adding them in brings health benefits to an after-dinner meal.

5. Gluten Free Cookies- Probably my favorite option on this list.  Do some research on gluten and see how it is unhealthy in many ways.  Whether you buy a package of pre-made cookies or ingredients to make gluten free cookies, it’s almost just a feel good factor to announce to your guests, “Don’t worry all, they’re gluten free!”  They’re just as good!Gluten-Free%2BPumpkin%2BQuinoa%2BChocolate%2BCookies


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