Today’s Tip of the Day is more of a subject: Buttoning 

People often have questions and concerns about the “rules” of buttoning things such as sport coats, suit jackets, pea coats, and cardigans.  Here I’ll lay out what I think is the right and wrong ways:

  1. 2 Button Suit- Never button both buttons.  Only button the top button when buttoning.  Some people like to leave the jacket open and some like to have it closed.  It does not matter which you choose, just don’t button the bottom button.487099_683495582859_484044488_n
  2. 3 Button Suit- When buttoning the jacket, button the top two buttons and never the bottom one.  We aren’t huge on three button suits, but be sure to be follow this rule if you wear one.
  3. Cardigans- This is more of a preference.  I usually like to leave the bottom button undone while buttoning every other button right up to the top.  Some people like to show their button-down shirt or T shirt popping out of the bottom of their sweater and may choose not to button it there while leaving the shirt untucked.  I say leave it unbuttoned and then button everything else.photo-1
  4. Pea Coats- Another preference-type topic.  It is not mandatory to button top or bottom buttons while wearing pea coats.  It usually depends on the weather to which buttons you while fasten.  When it is not bitterly cold I like to button the middle two buttons and leave the top and bottom ones undone (on a 4-button jacket).

2 thoughts on “#TipOfTheDay

  1. On a three button suit (not a fan either but I have a couple that are very nice) you can button just the middle if you’d like. I prefer that.

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