Gift Guide- #GiftOfTheDay

Call it whatever you want to call it, but today’s gift of the day is what many refer to as a man bag or duffle.  Not a small satchel like you see in The Hangover, not something the size of a woman’s purse, but a nice, sleek, leather bag for men.  The bag should be similar to that of a briefcase and should be used for things such as travel, going to the gym, and going to work.  A good bag for men usually has three straps.  Two used for handles and one for throwing over your shoulder.  Some bags for men have the backpack straps that allow you to put over both of your shoulders for better support.

387120_487835807913173_843413159_nBrands that I am familiar with and would reccomend are Marc by Marc Jacobs for men as well as Moore and Giles (featured in the photo).  A particular selection of bags can be found at Tony Walker and Co.  



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